25 mar. 2008

Bucharest 2008

Here I am in the middle of Bucharest listening to the winners of the etwinning prize and it is not our project "kids h@nd in h@nd" (1)
Another galician project "My town your town. Our lives in a calendar" (2) was the winner in the category of 4 to 9 years.
Congratulations Aurora!

I started this entry a few days ago in Bucharest but until today I could not finish it. Saying now that less important thing was not to win can seem wrong, but frankly, although I would like to win, mainly by children and Lieven (deserved after so much work) is the truth.

Finally meeting the " Dream Team" (Lieven, Vilenka, Sasha, Erika, Margo and Tiiu) after three years working together was a special award for me. ( Mela is also part of the team but it is easier for us meet each other ;) )

Meeting our national service girls, Beatriz and Concha, the 10 national awards (Adelino, Beatriz, Conchita, Cristina, Fina, Inma, Joaquin, Jose Luis, Montse, Pietad and Roberto) and the laughs that we share together, Make spending a weekend "hickjacked" in a hotel in Bucharest was worthy :P

Links that are cited:
(1) Link to the site of the project "Kids h@ nd in h@nd" at: http://www.sip.be/STAManD/feelings/kidshandinhand.htm

(2) link to the website of the National Service